How to Blog Steadily

29 Jun, 2018 - 2 minutes
Today’s session of summer training in #dgplug on freenode is a follow up on writing and its importance. I wanted to share an answer to one of my doubts given by Jason. It is established that one has to write regardless of its quality to kick start the habit. The major roadblock is mostly on topic and specificity since there are times when you are in no man’s land. With this laid out, lets get to the answer.

Koch curves and fractals

26 Jun, 2018 - 2 minutes
Fractals are never ending patterns found in nature that are impossible to describe in classical geometry. I was intrigued by this topic after a long time since I had programmed some koch curves for an exercise in the Think Python book. Some pictures, and the code can be found on github. The post on how to generate trees1 made me realise that the topic was very general not just related to the curves I had done earlier.

Importing from Medium

18 Jun, 2018 - 1 minutes
I did not realize that I had an article and a draft stuck in Medium and I thought how difficult would it be to yank it from there and import it to Hugo. This post documents a short version of how to do it. First, export all your data from Medium. This contains posts as well as other content that you have contributed to the site: claps, bookmarks, topics etc. Since I wanted to export just one post I went in to posts directory and found an HTML file corresponding to that article.

Migrated to hugo

11 Jun, 2018 - 1 minutes
After a lot of thinking and trying out various static site generators I have settled on using hugo. To be honest there was no particular preference other than it being available in the Arch repository and migration was made easier since I was able to use a WordPress exporter, exitwp. The post, was helpful in nudging me to hugo as well. I did not bother with comments and other complexities mentioned in that post although it can be useful for some.

Getting a Belgium Long Term Visa in India (for study)

28 Jul, 2015 - 3 minutes
After getting an admit I was elated and frankly never thought of the arduous journey ahead. The process can be grouped into these steps: Getting the required documents Legalisation Submitting the application Getting the required documents If you have a degree certificate, then great. Most often, students completing their studies in the same year don’t get it. Don’t wait for the university convocation, instead get a provisional certificate after the results have been announced.

Low Pass Filter and Its frequency response

7 Nov, 2013 - 2 minutes
After hours and hours of getting a simple low pass filter to work, I couldn’t help but share this. With a host of FOSS EDA tools in linux, I really couldn’t resist start using it. I got to credit Ashwith, for the wonderful SPICE tutorials without which my life would have been more miserable. I wouldn’t like to repeat what Ashwith has already written, but I would like to show the schema and results that you can obtain with ngspice as well as matplotlib which are as good as any commercial software that you would use.

Getting started with Git in Windows

2 Jun, 2013 - 1 minutes
I am going with git-bash since it doesn’t mess up my Windows installation. Also it is more than enough for standard tasks. Get git from Install git-bash, its a straight forward process. We need to generate ssh keys for communicating with either or If you already have keys from a Linux or Mac, you can use that. Just copy your ~/.ssh to your home directory in Windows. To generate new keys, open git-bash and do

Set up airtel gprs in archlinux via bluetooth

14 Mar, 2012 - 2 minutes
I had an urge to write this post since setting up a dial-up connection took me quite an effort. First of all you should have bluez and wvdial installed. sudo pacman -S bluez sudo pacman -S wvdial First scan for bluetooth-enabled devices by hcitool scan If there are any devices, its address and name would be displayed. Copy the required address. Now, create rfcomm device to connect to your phone via bluetooth.

GSOC - Search for that elusive organisation

17 Jan, 2012 - 1 minutes
GSOC - Google Summer of Code provides the best opportunity for students to get involved in FOSS development. My search for an organisation lead me to different softwares written in different languages. My love lies in python. It was the first language that I learnt. I should give it to my sister who keeps inspiring me to learn new stuff. After some searching, mailman it was that was suggested to me.

A python script to detect duplicate files

18 Dec, 2011 - 1 minutes
Working on the book ‘think python’ has given me lots of opportunities to learn by experimentation. This script is a result of such experimentation of an exercise already given in the book. The script list duplicates accepts two arguments. The first is the extension of the file and the next is the root directory. It uses the function os.path.walk(), which is very versatile. Further improvements of the script will follow.