How to Blog Steadily

Today’s session of summer training in #dgplug on freenode is a follow up on writing and its importance. I wanted to share an answer to one of my doubts given by Jason.

It is established that one has to write regardless of its quality to kick start the habit. The major roadblock is mostly on topic and specificity since there are times when you are in no man’s land. With this laid out, lets get to the answer.

  1. I read so there is always something I want to blab about.
  2. I keep an open mind during my bath, I get the most amazing ideas then.
  3. I try to synthesize to common or disparate points across media. For example, something I read reminds me of something I saw or learnt.
  4. In my more productive moments, I make a list of things to write about and then slowly tackle them one at a time later.
  5. I also batch posts if I’m in a good state and queue them up.

All these instructions seem obvious but one keeps forgetting them since it is not written down concretely to recall. Since I read a lot, the first suggestion is always possible if I make notes of the things I read and make conscious effort to formulate them properly. More than everything I am planning to post on a weekly basis to keep my creative juices flowing.

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