GSOC - Search for that elusive organisation

17 Jan, 2012 - 1 minutes
GSOC - Google Summer of Code provides the best opportunity for students to get involved in FOSS development. My search for an organisation lead me to different softwares written in different languages. My love lies in python. It was the first language that I learnt. I should give it to my sister who keeps inspiring me to learn new stuff. After some searching, mailman it was that was suggested to me.

A python script to detect duplicate files

18 Dec, 2011 - 1 minutes
Working on the book ‘think python’ has given me lots of opportunities to learn by experimentation. This script is a result of such experimentation of an exercise already given in the book. The script list duplicates accepts two arguments. The first is the extension of the file and the next is the root directory. It uses the function os.path.walk(), which is very versatile. Further improvements of the script will follow.

Posting from vim using vimpress

22 Oct, 2011 - 1 minutes
This is my first post from vim using vimpress.Because of having a low bandwidth connection, I was forced to think for an alternative and vim being as versatile it can getto throw answers to everything we can think of. Okay, now getting on with the topic at hand what is vimpress and what does it do ? Here’s how we start, download the script from vim’s site.Put the files blog.vim and blogsyntax.

A python debugger for vim

8 Oct, 2011 - 1 minutes
“vim-debug” is a python debugger that is integrated into vim. This works like any other debugger but you don’t have to come out of vim to debug.Before we get started ensure that the python-pip package is installed in your distro.For installing open a terminal and type : sudo apt-get install python-pip The package pip is an improved python package installer.Next we move onto installing the plugin which are essentially python scripts.

Hi to all

8 Oct, 2011 - 1 minutes
Starting this blog right now is a surprise to even me. I am a tech loving person who is a bit reserved. I hope to come out with it with this blog. thats all for now, cheers!!